Cakes Col2

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Our delicious yellow cake with pineapple rings, Maraschino cherries, and a brown butter glaze.

Red Velvet Cake

A southern classic, our rich and sweet distinctive red cake, layered with velvety cream cheese frosting.

Boston Cream Pie

Our moist, yellow sponge cake with a rich custard filling, topped with chocolate ganache.

Tiramisu (13x9 in)

This Italian style dessert is created with ladyfingers, dipped in espresso coffee, layered with mascarpone cheese and fresh whipped cream, and is given a final dusting of Dutch cocoa for a sweet, gourmet offering.

Fresh Fruit Torte

Moist yellow cake, fresh fruit filling, Bavarian cream, sliced almonds.